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Services towards tourists
Located in front of the city, close to the Rocca di Sparafucile, the equipped  parking area for campers parking is located on the left shore of the middle lake, completely immerged in greenery. 
Camper parking area
Camper parking area
Located in front of the city, close to the Rocca di Sparafucile, the equipped  parking area for campers parking is located on the left shore of the middle lake, completely immerged in greenery. 
The  parking  is located inside the Park of Mincio, in a strategic position in order to move with bicycle  along the cycle paths that lead to the north direction towards  Garda Lake and south direction towards the south shores of the River Po. Crossing the eco-tunnel, of recent construction, it is possible to reach the nearby pedestrian and bicycle path that runs along the S. Giorgio Bridge, and enjoying the spectacular view of the city skyline, it takes just a few minutes to reach the Palazzo Ducale complex and the historical monumental area, since 2008 the site is included in the UNESCO World Heritage.

The  parking is open all around the year and is easily accessible even for  disabled people, it is equipped with showers and toilets accessible only with the entrance ticket, camper service, columns with drinking water, electricity. The area is under video surveillance but, as a parking , it  have  not a constant presence of Aster staff. It is devoloped over a flat area of ​​over 12,000 square meters and is divided into 56 large pitches.

Via Legnago n° 1/A - 46100 Mantova   GPS  45° 9' 54" N / 10° 48' 43" E

Directions for access and payment of the park
Entry: approach the entrance column with the camper, collect the ticket and wait for the bar to open

All-inclusive prices for services
  • for parking of 6 h = €6,00  

  • for parking of 12 h = €16,00  

  • for parking of 24 h = €21,00 including tourist tax
Parking payment
Make the payment before leaving by entering the entry ticket in the automatic payment machine
  • It is possible to pay by debit card, credit card and cash (the cashier delivers the change)
  • The exit is programmed within 10 minutes of payment, approach the exit column with the camper and to open the bar enter the entry ticket
  • The loss of the entry ticket entails a charge of € 80.00. Enter the LOST TICKET button at the cash desk
  • Camper service (deactivated with temperatures below 0 °)
  • Columns with water and electricity supply (1 Kw per outlet)
  • Heated toilets and showers (accessible only through the entrance ticket)
  • Refreshment point with vending machines
  • Video surveillance
  • Differentiated waste collection
  • Free shuttle bus service every day from 7.00 am to 9.00 pm continuously from the nearby Canoe Camp to Piazza Sordello
  • From Christmas 2019, seat reservations (two reserved seats) for tourists with a European disabled pass, to be made by calling 338 3592688. Always calling the same number, you can take advantage of free transport in the city center with equipped vehicle. Delivery service within 30 minutes of the call.
  • Individual bookings are not accepted (except for the two places reserved for disabled people)
  • Access to caravans is not permitted
  • It is mandatory to dispose of waste separately in the appropriate bins
  • Dogs are welcome, it is not allowed to leave them unattended, let them bark all the time, take them to the bathrooms
  • Maximum time of stay of two days, unless justified request for extension and our explicit authorization
Info and communications: 
Emergency number: +39 338 3592688